In Passing


In Passing is a work-in-progress VR piece for web and Oculus that aims to communicate privilege by showing how the same environment can foster different experiences depending on one’s identity. We all have different perspectives about what it’s like to navigate public space, so I’ve asked a diverse set of people to talk about what it’s like for them.

Listening to these stories, I’m creating a series of vignettes that play out on the virtual streets of Spokane, WA. Users navigate the world listening to powerful stories as situations unfold in the background.

I’m always in need of more content, so feel free to reach out and share your own story using the details and contact info below.

In Passing is about how different people have to navigate public space. I’m looking for folks to record themselves while describing either a typical experience walking around in a densely populated environment, or a specific incident/memory. To clarify – you don’t need to take the video while walking around, it’s just a recollection.

It’s really important that this project have diverse experiences, all abilities, ethnicities, genders, etc welcome! And if you’re someone who doesn’t normally think about identity, and your experience in public space is pretty uneventful – I’m equally interested in hearing about it!

Videos should be ~5 minutes long (but if you’re in a groove go with it) and can be sent via Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Please let me know if you’d like to submit, and how to credit you. You can also be anonymous – I won’t be using full faces, just mouths in the project. See examples below.

Send vids, questions, comments to:


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