A.M. Darke is an artist, game designer, and social justice Wario. She created the award-winning card game Objectif, which explores the intersection of race, gender, and standards of beauty. In 2016 she wrote An Open Letter to Oculus Founder, Palmer Luckey and curated Building Code : Developing Mixed Use Space in Virtual Reality. She is a co-founder of Voidlab, a feminist art + tech collective, and a resident of the UCLA Game Lab, a research lab which supports the creation of experimental and expressive games.

Darke is also an Oculus Launch Pad fellow (’16, ’17), former Laboratory artist-in-residence and once shared a stage with John Carmack. Her work has been shown internationally and featured in a variety of publications, including Forbes, Kill Screen, and The Creator’s Project. She holds a B.A. and M.F.A from UCLA and teaches game design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

You can reach her at contactaliah[at]gmail and @ prettydarke pretty much everywhere else. Add her on snapchat for the occasional horrifying spectacle.